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24 May 2012

Joyride! split w/Bitpart (2012)


No Tide - I Hope I Don't Get Left Outside (2012)

Lincoln, NE.
EP mixed and mastered by Jay Maas (Title Fight, Transit, Polar Bear Club) on Anchor Eighty Four Records (Los Angeles).

The Moms

16 May 2012

Pathfinder Records, Summer Compilation 2012


1. Restore- The Lincoln Rail
2. Droughts- Body of Glass
3. Ted Striker- Medicine 
4. Brighter Arrows- Entirety
5. William Bonney- Robbie Hanson
6. A Sound Heart- My Mother's Quilt
7. Vowel- If Wishes Were Coins
8. Things Fall Apart- Virginia Woolf
9. Old Gray- Her Tongue Was Tattooed On The Back Of Her Teeth
10. Night Owls- Dearly
11. Sinatra- I Had Three Or A Lot Of Beers
12. Climates- Waiting To Exhale
13. Cardinal- Underneath My Skin
14. Kid Valiant- Unrest
15. Roenick- Patience
16. Knuckle Puck- Stuck
17. Real Friends- Home For Fall
18. Three Cent Cinema- Resistance 
19. Bitter Thoughts- Solitary
20. Valiant- Dead To Me
21. Cave Bear- Waistland
22. Barrier- Victim 

Pathfinder Records
mediafire (download)

En Círculos & Per se - Split (2012)

En Círculos (melodic hardcore from mexico city) and Per se (screamo from merida, mexico).
similar bands: reason to care, verse, landscapes etc. etc.
mediafire (download)

Shonen Bat - Shonen Bat (2012)

Cold Youth - Wanderer (2012)


12 May 2012

2 May 2012

Our Heart & Soul - Cats (2012)

Stockholm, Sweden.

Lilith 7' Return release May 29th

Lilith is a folk/punk band from Pittsburgh, PA! Three incredibly talented song writers, most know them as members of Code Orange Kids. Lilith, though not as loud and aggressive as COK, still has the same heart, energy and incredible talent for such young song writers. Songs are simplified and written on just acoustic guitar and upright bass but are dynamic with layered vocals and relatable lyrics which erupt into memorable sing a longs!

Their debut 7' Return will be available on May 29th as a co-release between Get Better Records (Keene, NH) and Out Of This Records (Braddock, PA).