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20 February 2012


EMB Moscow is a DIY booking agency/record label, located in Moscow, Russia.

Since 2009 we've been promoting and making shows in Russia for such awesome bands as All Or Nothing (UK), A Loss For Words (USA), The Wonder Years (USA), Fireworks (USA) to name a few.

We are doing the best we can to support good musicians in indie/hardcore/punk scene.

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Russian Tours:
All Or Nothing (UK)
The Wonder Years (USA)
A Loss For Words (USA)
Last Day Before Holiday (Italy)
Fireworks (USA)

Man Overboard (USA) - April 2012

EMB Family Roster:
Acting Like Heroes (Moscow)
Stop The Car (Moscow)
Listen To Your Friends (Moscow)
Scarlet Pills (Saint Petersburg)

Scarlet Pills (Russia)

Pop Punk/Female Vocal from Saint Petersburg, Russia.


15 February 2012

10 February 2012

Traditions & Keep My Devotion - No Borders (Split CD) (2011)

Traditions (Australia) and Keep My Devotion (Russia).

01. Keep My Devotion - Friends
02. Traditions - Chin Up
03. Keep My Devotion - We Wanna Fight With Lie
04. Traditions - Losing Touch - A Comprehensive Guide
05. Keep My Devotion - Turn Upside This World
06. Traditions - On Knives (Forgive Me)

facebook (keep my devotion)

Keep My Devotion - We Wanna Fight With Lie

Traditions - Losing Touch - A Comprehensive Guide

9 February 2012

Caseracer - S/T 7" (2012)

Band from New Jersey/Delaware. FFO: Lifetime and Latterman.

3 February 2012

FLS - Only Up From Here (2012)

FLS is a 5 piece pop-punk band located in Central New Jersey.
mediafire (download)

Defying Control (Portugal)

How would you explain that a completely indpendent band from Portugal - with no help from major labels, influent promoters or renown booking companies - has a résumé consisting of a Brazilian tour, an European tour, over 100 shows played in Portugal; as well as records released in Japan, Europe and USA, a video on
MTV, video reports on national TV, some highlight on punkradiocast online radio station and shows with bands like No Use For a Name, Ignite and Streetlight Manifesto?

The sum of an addictive sound with catchy choruses, melodic guitars, lyrics concerning everyday life, a live show with plenty of energy and a good work capability may be a possible answer. The rising of very well-known bands like The Offspring, Green Day or Rise Against, are the living proof that melodic punk-rock has a great potential and can actually please the taste of every single person.

The band began as Defying Control in 2005, resulting from a previous project that featured some members of this band. Nowadays, after a couple of lineup changes, DC consists of Killer on bass and vocals; Francis on
guitar and backup vocals; David on guitar; and Luis on drums. The band is currently writing their next album but intents to keep playing shows all over the world and release their new Ep.

Hence, Defying Control follows a precise path - even though bumpy sometimes - looking forward to write the next chapter of the band's story while working untiringly to make their sound reach every human being.

2 February 2012

Tigers Always Win - Escape (EP)

Tigers Always Win is a one man melodic hardcore/pop punk band from Kazan', Russia. Can you imagine 25 years old man writing music and lyrics, doing vocals, playing drums, bass and guitars?