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22 November 2011

Semiotics - Just Words (2011)

Daylight - New Music Video & Euro-Russian Tour

Daylight - Not In My Life (United Hearts)
01 - Saló del Manga (ES)
04 – Paris (FR)
.05 - Nice (FR)
06 – Marseille (FR)
07- Toulouse (FR)
08 – Bordeux (FR)
09 - Girona (ES) Sala Cloë
10 - Barcelona (ES) Sala Rocksound
11 - Madrid (ES) La Cocina Rockbar
12 - Oviedo (ES) Calleja la Ciega
14 – London (UK) Bull&Gate
15 – Derby (UK)
16 – Leeds (UK) The Well
17 – Birmingham (UK) HMV Institute
18 - Manchester (UK) Roadhouse
19 - Kings Lynn (UK)
22 – Novosibirsk (RUS) RockCity
23 – Kemerov (RUS) Baykonur
24 – Tomsk (RUS) Fakel
25 - Omsk (RUS) Che Guevara
26 – Tyumen (RUS) Xara
27 - Ekaterinburg (RUS) Art cafe
28 – Perm (RUS)
29 - TBA
30 - TBA

01 - Samara (RUS)
02 - Nizni (RUS)
03 - Ivanovo (RUS)
04 - TBA
05 - TBA
06 - Vologda (RUS) Vintage
07 - Peter (RUS) Dusche
08 - TBA
09 - Moscow (RUS) Hleb
10 - Voronezh (RUS) Tarantul
11 - Chernigiv (UKR) Vareniks
12 - Kiev (UKR) Club 44
14 - Barcelona (ES) Salamandra w/ Zebrahead

Uniforms - Demo (2011)


01. Schoolboy Errors
02. Photographs
03. I Won't Forget You

For people that like Off With Their Heads / Banner Pilot / Dear Landlord etc


16 November 2011

Interview: Austin Getz (Turnover)

March, 2011. Five guys from Virginia Beach, pop-punk band called Turnover, released their self-titled debut EP. May, 2011. I was lucky to make an interview with Turnover's vocalist, Austin Getz. Enjoy!
Nick Nefedov[MBC] - To start, Austin introduce to everyone in the band and tell us a bit about them please.
Austin Getz [Turnover] - I'm Austin Getz, I'm 18 and I sing. Kyle Kojan is 18 and does backing vocals and plays rhythm guitar. Danny Dempsey is 18 and plays bass. Casey Getz is 17 and plays drums. Alex Dimaiuat is 16 and plays lead guitar.
MBC - What are band members' interests besides music?
Austin - We all generally love to play music and hangout.
MBC - How did the band first get started?
Austin - The band started in early summer 2009 after I ended an old band of mine called Our Better Years, which was a really bad, typical pop punk band. Kyle, Alex and I all wanted to do something a little more dark with a lot more energy. We got my brother, Casey to drum for us and we started writing and released our first demo in December of 2009, and played shows around the area for about a year. Around September, our first bassist, Mike Sheehy, left the band and Danny joined up. We recorded this first Self Titled EP with Mike Bridgett in February and released it ourselves in March.
MBC - Who would you say some of the bands biggest influences are?
Austin - We all have different influences, I'm really into stuff like Lifetime, Saves the Day, Jawbreaker, Brand New; Danny really likes old emo stuff like American Football, Braid, The Promise Ring; Alex is into Hip Hop and Hardcore more than anything else; and Casey and Kyle really listen to just about everything and are really rounded out.
MBC - Your new EP "Turnover" is great! What can you tell us about it?
Austin - "Turnover" is the result of over a year of writing, trying to really find the sound we wanted. We're all ecstatic about how it turned out.
MBC - When will be new recordings?
Austin - We hope to be recording some new material in the Fall and releasing a split in the winter.
MBC - What about your local scene? How do you think Virginia Beach is a good place to pop-punk bands like "Turnover"?
Austin - The local scene here in Virginia Beach is cool. Everyone is really supportive of good music whether it be hardcore, punk, metal, whatever. We've been really lucky to have such a cool and loyal fan base.
MBC - By the way, if i am not mistaken, you played concert with the Fireworks, Such Gold, MDAM and Living With Lions on May, 8. Share your impressions with us please.
Austin - Yeah, we just played a show with all of those bands. They were all really cool dudes and we hope to play with them again.
MBC – With which bands are you in good relations?
Austin - We've had a lot of awesome bands come through that we've played with: Title Fight, Transit, Hostage Calm, Daytrader, Daylight, Seahaven, Balance and Composure, Tigers Jaw, Man Overboard, Fireworks, Such Gold, Make Do and Mend. It's been unreal to play with all of those bands. They're all making awesome music.
MBC - "You like dogs", right? What do you think about sXe?
Austin - Haha, yeah we're all pretty fond of dogs. As far as straightedge goes, Danny is the only straightedge member of the band, but I think it's an awesome movement. It's really healthy and promotes a great lifestyle. I, personally, don't drink, smoke or do drugs, but I just don't claim any sort of label. As with anything, I think a lot of people take it out of hand and are too intolerant towards those who aren't like them, and that's sad. I know a lot of straightedge kids who are friends with a lot of really NOT straightedge kids. That's how it should be.
MBC - Finally, what about your tour future plans?
Austin - We would love to tour Europe and Asia and the whole world man. It's on the horizon. Spread the music and we hope to see you soon!
MBC – Thank you guys a lot! Bye!

13 November 2011

Interview: Brian (Kids Icarus)

Melodic Bears Crew: First things first. Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit of what you and other guys do in the band.

Brian: My name is Brian, I sing for the band.

MBC: How did the band first get started?

Brian: “Kids Icarus” was a project that Adam (guitar) and Dave (drums) started a few years ago but never found a singer. I joined in late 2010; we recorded our EP and started playing shows soon thereafter.

MBC: Who would you say some of the bands biggest influences are?

Brian: I think we all draw influence from a lot of different types of music. We all draw from punk bands like “Propaghandi” and “A Wilhelm Scream” as well as heavier music such as “Shai Hulud” and “Obituary” just to name a few.

MBC: I guess that singing for the band is just a one point in your list of interests. What are your interests besides music? What about other band members' interests?

Brian: For me I would say that music takes up most of my time. Whether it be working on personal musical projects, managing our friends in “Half Hearted Hero”, setting up/promoting or attending shows. I think one interest we all collectively have is middle eastern food haha. We all have slight obsessions with this particular cuisine, Adam especially is quite the chef when it comes to this. Don't be surprised if the band breaks up due to an illustrious career in mid eastern cuisine haha.

MBC: Tell us about your local scene, Connecticut, please. Is it a good place to be "Kids Icarus" there?

Brian: I love Connecticut. Some people like to bitch about how the local scenes around here are boring compared to close by New York City or Boston but I have never been so proud of being from here. Especially now with bands such as “Hostage Calm”, “Make Do and Mend”, “The Tired and True”, “Wolves at Bay” and “Manners” currently on tour repping CT.

MBC: With which bands are you in good relationships?

Brian: Ah we have a ton of friends that we are lucky enough to enjoy playing with: “Heartsounds”, “Half Hearted Hero”, “Pentimento”, “Young English”, “Manners”, “The Tired and True”, “Daybreaker”, “Hostage Calm”, “Canvas”, “Latin for Truth”, “Make Do and Mend”, “Caleb Lionheart”... I could go on for hours haha. To me making new friends and building relationships while touring and playing music is one of the best highlights of playing in a band.

MBC: Let's speak about your self-tittled EP. What can you tell us about it? How these songs, music and surely lyrics, were written?

Brian: Well the majority of the music had been written by Adam (guitar) and Dave (drums) a few years ago but the project never really got up in running until later. In 2010 I joined the band and we tracked the EP with our friend Jeff Weed at Sonic Enviroments in Bloomfield, CT. The music and lyrics definitely took shape over a long period of time and we are definitely proud with the end product.

MBC: And maybe you can tell something about how you guys find your own sound? Who or what helped you with sound searching?

Brian: We just write and perform the music that we enjoy playing, I couldn't really pinpoint anything that helped us "find our sound". We'll continue to just write what feels right to us I suppose.

MBC: When can we expect the new songs will be?

Brian: Nothing set in stone as of now but we are always writing new stuff.

MBC: Thank you Brian for answering my questions.

Brian: Thanks again for reaching out to us Nick!



11 November 2011

Pick Your Weapon - Everywhere We Go, Things Fall Down (2011)


01. You Must Be Gwen, Truck Driver
02. Look At What We Can Do With Science!
03. No Bullets In Ravenholm
04. Fear & Loathing On Long Island (Latterman cover)
05. Strange Things Are Afoot At The Circle-K
06. Yeah? Against Karate?
07. X-Wing vs TIE Fighter

We are Pick Your Weapon, a four-piece pop-punk outfit from Birmingham, UK – FFO: Such Gold, Latterman, Hot Water Music

Our latest album ‘Everywhere We Go, Things Fall Down’ is available for free (or Pay What You Want) download from

Visit us on Facebook at:

10 November 2011


from Milan, Italy.


Un Verme Resta Un Verme : download
Vai Verme Vai :  download
Bad Verme : download

Meaning In Masterpiece - Sinking Cars (2011)


01. Louder Than Words
02. Sinking Cars
03. Upperhand
04. People Really Do Suck
05. Perfect Storm
06. Awake Again
07. Someone Else
08. Forever Ends Today
09. Tidal Wave
10. Last Stand

mediafire (download)

2 November 2011

Volver - Santa Cruz (EP) (2011)

01. Miel
02. Me Hundo
03. Guatemala Está Muerta
04. Reprogramar, Activar

mediafire (download)

The Union Pacific - Demo (2011)

01. 20 Years
02. The Great White North
03. A World Behind

mediafire (download)