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16 May 2012

Pathfinder Records, Summer Compilation 2012


1. Restore- The Lincoln Rail
2. Droughts- Body of Glass
3. Ted Striker- Medicine 
4. Brighter Arrows- Entirety
5. William Bonney- Robbie Hanson
6. A Sound Heart- My Mother's Quilt
7. Vowel- If Wishes Were Coins
8. Things Fall Apart- Virginia Woolf
9. Old Gray- Her Tongue Was Tattooed On The Back Of Her Teeth
10. Night Owls- Dearly
11. Sinatra- I Had Three Or A Lot Of Beers
12. Climates- Waiting To Exhale
13. Cardinal- Underneath My Skin
14. Kid Valiant- Unrest
15. Roenick- Patience
16. Knuckle Puck- Stuck
17. Real Friends- Home For Fall
18. Three Cent Cinema- Resistance 
19. Bitter Thoughts- Solitary
20. Valiant- Dead To Me
21. Cave Bear- Waistland
22. Barrier- Victim 

Pathfinder Records
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