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19 January 2012

Interview: Bombay

Bombay is a four-piece punk rock band from South Shore Massachusetts. Started in 2009 they released their demo then in 2010 they released their debut EP "This and That" and on the May of 2011 we heard their third work that is called "Writer's Block". I really enjoy this band and i think that you should get acquainted with them and check out their music, and like them as i do.
I've decided to converse with Bombay's vocalist and guitar player Calzone Ciarcia. Here is the result. Enjoy.
And for people who had not chance to listen to Calzone's cover on "Get In The Van" by Borderland, you can listen to it here and now.
Bombay - Get In The Van (Borderland cover)

Nick Nefedov [Nick]: Well, first things first. Please introduce and tell us a bit about yourself.
Calzone Ciarcia [Cal]: Greetings, my name is Cal but a lot of my friends call me Calzone and I play guitar and sing in Bombay.
Nick: How did Bombay start?
Cal: We started as a three piece in the summer of 2009. We just really wanted to try and write songs that our friends would like.
Nick: I know that Bombay is the city in India, the most populous city in that country and the forth populous in the world. That is the reason why you called band Bombay or there is something special about your band name excepting the name of the city?
Cal: Our name actually comes from The Mighty Ducks- coach Gordon Bombay. I think its funny that people think it's some big special meaning. It's from a kids movie, man.
Nick: What are Bombay main influences musically?
Cal: We all sort of have our individual influences that we try and put into the band but I would say that collectively, our favorite bands are Jawbreaker, Saves The Day, and Lifetime. Pretty typical for bands with our sound but you can't go wrong with those. We all listen to a lot of hardcore as well.
Nick: I’ve noticed that there are a lot of people including me who draws you an analogy with Borderland. What are your thoughts about it?
Cal: I suppose people might do that because our guitarist Chris also played in Borderland. Other than that, I'm not really sure why because I think the two sound very different from one another. They were one of my favorite bands from around here and I wish they would play once and a while.
Nick: Your EP, “Writer’s Block”, is great. How was the writing and recording process for the record and can you say that all of you are glad of the result?
Cal: Thank you I appreciate that. The writing process was very scattered because I was home for a semester while the others were away at school. So the songs were sort of sent around and tweaked via the internet for a while. We recorded it over the winter break of 2010 with our friend Sean who did a great job. I'm personally really proud of it because I did a lot of the writing while I was home and bummed out, so it was cool to turn that into a positive thing. However, it was all done before Chris joined the band, so I would say that our upcoming release was a much more joint effort and now we sound like a real rock band.
Nick: You are from Massachusetts, which is famous in the music scene as the home of many great bands. Being from such a state, has it given your band the extra push it needed, or not so much?
Cal: Not really at all. If anything, it sort of feels over saturated with bands around here. Much of the same thing going on. That being said, we've had the opportunity to play with really awesome bands and meet great people so I think that Boston has helped us in that sense.
Nick: You will release a new record this year. Will it be EP or LP? Tell us a bit about it please and if you don’t mind state the date we will hear new stuff.
Cal: Our new record will be a 3.5 song EP. I apologize to the people who want to hear more songs than that. We are just about done recording it there are just some vocals to finish up. The release date and name is up in the air, but it will definitely be out sometime real soon and we are all really proud of it. It is our first release as a four piece band and I couldn't be more happy with the music or the writing. I can't wait for people to hear it.
Nick: Those are all the questions I’ve got. Anything else you want to tell people reading this and checking out your music?
Cal: I wanna say thanks Nick for the interview. Thanks to our friends Greg, Sean, Dustin, and Eggy. Listen to our friends in American Verse, Crucial Dudes, Our Side, and American Alligator. They are all Great bands. Raw life.
Nick: Thank you.

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