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11 August 2011

The Distractions - Drinking To Get Drunk (EP) (2011)


01. Drinking To Get Drunk
02. Friends
03. Sink or Swim
04. I Love You
05. It's Not Over

The Distractions formed in March 2008, after Fowler And Stu, already part of The Blacklist, decided to do a punk rock side project with Kevin. The band started out as a three piece with hard driving riffs, lyrics ripe with social commentary, and a band with a pension for debauchery. The following year, The Distractions made the silent shell of South Bend their home, and played many shows, before adding Davey to fill out the sound on second guitar. With the band now a 4 piece, they have recently released their third ep. With the new year around the corner, 2011 hopes to bring many new songs, tons of shows, and the usual organized chaos....
mediafire (download)

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